About Me

Keanne van de Kreeke

“As an artist, I experience “story” and colour worlds as a strong tool between people. I hope  to awaken strengths in people with the help of stories and elements of nature. I also like to play with different perspectives and materials. These are practically important tools for me while working.

Keanne Van de Kreeke’s art is born from everyday life, dreams, femininity , nature and worlds gifts and struggles. A warm and tolerant world of imagination opens up in her work. Often the creative processes start from small everyday details, while through imagination lifting it  to new surreal level.

In her creative world, there is peace, presence and the life force emanating from nature.

A person’s connection to something bigger is sought: nature, the inner self, the course of life, time. However, there is also a hint of shadow – externality and a search for safety.

“I hope that my art brings courage to look at things from a different perspective and acceptance, different ways of seeing and doing things. New perspectives are always needed, even though we often want things to stay the same.”

The Dutch artist uses watercolours, acrylics, pencils, ecoline, markers and pastels in a new way. She works as an illustrator, visual artist and is involved in community art projects. Van de Kreeke’s work can also be seen in story books, educational materials, wall art in public places as well as in the theatre.

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