Demeter Booklet


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Booklet: 14-14 cm, printed on environmental friendly paper, 300 gr

Folded open size A2

Demeter is a project created by mother and daughter. This visual story tells about their connection and common life events. But it also tells about their survival from more challenging phaces and their ongoing growing from that. The booklet underlines survival from abuse, mental or physical. Struggling as we still are, we hope this could give you a sparkle of strength and hope to get through phaces like this, or perhaps you know a friend in need who could use a little push in the back This booklet is multifunctional. You can cut the parts loose as cards, with a picture on the front and a quote on the back. Each card has an inspirational quote meant to empower you, or you can give the card to someone else as a mental support.

The drawings are made by mother and daughter, the beautiful hand poke tattoos are made by @handpokebyjaate

By buying this item, you support Naistenlinja, support for victims of emotional and physical abuse. Emotional abuse is hard to detect and poorly acknowledged as a form of abuse. Overall believe in the victim when they tell you!


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